Listary Crash Dump

Looks like its related to windows exploit protections

Here is the dump, just rename file from .txt to .zip or .7z. (35.4 KB)


Block Remote Images: ON
DEP (on)
Export Adress Filtering (EAF) (ON) with Validate Acess for modules that are commonly abused by exploits
Force randomization for images (Manditory ASLR) (ON) /w Do not allow stripped images
Import address filtering (IAF) (ON
Randomize Memory Allocations (Bottom-up ASLR) (ON)
Validate API invocation (CallerCheck) (ON)
Validate heap integrity (ON)
Validate image dependecy integrity (ON)
Validate stack integrity (StackPivot) (ON)

Please make listary compatible with Shadow Stacks as well, if it is not already.