Listary can't start control panel items (*.cpl)

As the subject says, Listary can’t start control panel items.
They are found with Listary but you can’t start them.
Explorer and other file managers are starting them without problems.

Something is either wrong with your install or windows system.

Works fine in X64 windows 10 here

Its Listary 5.00.2664 under Windows 10 x64, Creators Update.
Its definitely a Listary problem as all other tools and several file managers can start cpl files.
All other functions of Listary are ok, so its not an install problem.
I know what I’m doing and I’m also programming since many years.

Same exact scenario here except I am running v2581. Where did you get v2664 from? Link me and i’ll test for u

Maybe create a portable Listary install and try again? Rebuild index?

How do you access control panel items? EDIT: That’s the discrepancy. I manually create shortcuts from control panel in a folder and have listary index them.

EDIT 2: got 2664. Control panel links work fine. Launching Ctrl panel works too. I don’t know where to get .cpl files to test out

Your Windows has a lot of cpl files under C:\windows\system32*.cpl
Listary has no problems to find them all

Thank you for reporting. This issue will be resolved in Listary 6.

Sorry for late reply. Yes, i can confirm with this version it has problem.

Channing - is it possible to please create a beta area, beta list, beta notification - anything for us people who want to test out new features/fixes?

I’ll make a post when Listary 6 beta is ready to release, and you can follow it to get email notifications for updates.

Hi, where can I find latest beta 5.00.2664?

You can download it here:

It’s only a bug fix version and contains no new features.

Thanks, is there any chance to have the portable version?

Sorry there is no portable version for this beta.

No problem, Thanks!