Listary Beta 5.00.2406


####Change log 5.00.2406

  • Improved: Improve search result sorting.
  • Improved: Open toolbar in Explorer when pressing hotkey if find-as-you-type is disabled.
  • Fixed: Listary can’t get current folder path from XYplorer when Live Filter Box is visible.
  • Fixed: Currently Opened Folders doesn’t work in Total Commander 64.

####Change log 5.00.2381

  • New: Now you can use spaces when searching for apps.
  • New: Add EF Commander support.
  • New: Show files when auto-expanding favorite folders in menus.
  • Fixed: Listary is activated unexpectedly when using pinch-zoom on Synaptics touchpads (agaaaain).

Thank you for the update!


I have 2334 installed and when I select Check for updates it does not see 2381. says you have the latest. ? Is it only checking for released version in the beta also, would be nice to get a prompt when a new beta is available. ?

Please select Listary Options - General - Check for new beta versions.

As always, many thanks Channing!


This version works great,

hello channing, thanks for the update. i am eager to test " Improve search result sorting.".

unfortunately the portable download link does not seem to work. I construced the link for me:

I think I mentioned the wish to have a configurable target browser set for the keywords. That was some time ago but I just realized that I did not seem to have answered to your followup question. Actually it would be good enough for me if i could define which internet browser is opened in general. Beacuse of company policy, my default browser is IE. But i am using mostly chrome or opera. Would be nice to tell Listary only to use i.e. Opera instead of the default browser…


Nice job!

But, how to close the mouse middle menus?

Thanks for the update. But how can disable the “Show files when auto-expanding favorite folders in menus” feature? I liked how it was previously because I put a lot of download folders there and showing all the files in the favorites is slowing listary down in some download folders I have a few thousand files and like many folders. I only need listary to show me the folders so I can open them in directory opus. I am considering going back to 2334 unless I can disable this feature. Thanks for the help.

Open Listary Options - App Settings, select an app, then uncheck “Mouse middle-click…”.

Unfortunately currently there is no way to disable it.

Thank you for the information. Sorry that I’ll not add this feature for now because the situation is very rare.

Ok thanks for the info. I will have to downgrade back to the old version, but I’d like to request an option to disable the listing of files for a future update. :slight_smile: Thanks for your hard work.

Thx a lot!