Listary API?

Hi there,
I consider a purchase of Listary, and I would like to develop an Emacs package to integrate Dired (an Emacs file explorer) with Listary.

So I was wonder if there is something as a API that communicates Listary with another plugins/Emacs packages?

Thanks for your feedback. Listary will implement a new type of “Application support” extension. You need to write a dll to tell Listary how to perform specific tasks (like opening folder, select a list entry) in an application, and then Listary can fully support it.

When will it made available then?

Probably after the release of Listery 5. This new version will have plug-in support.

Yes, after the release of Listary 5.

When will that be I wonder :slight_smile:

Probably after Halloween, LOL…The horror…

How do you expose your API? Via headers with binary interface, rpc, or something else?

Command line & IPC.


is avalable now ?