Listary and Windows 8 UAC [UPDATED]

M$ have modified their UAC in Windows 8. Now an program will NOT run under administrator privilege when it’s in the HKCU.…\Run key. And if I check the “Run as administrator” checkbox in Listary.exe’s property panel, the exe will NEVER run(by system startup) at all(

Then I found a solution that if the key is under HKLM.…\Run, the exe WILL run smoothly under administrator privilege.
So I am wondering if you can make an update version. Thanks.

Hello Paddy_Xu,

Thank you very much for the information. I’ll test version 4 under Win8 and fix this.

I am very sorry that the information provided above is NOT WORKING.
Today I tried this method again, but it is not working any more.
In conclusion, there is NO method to run Listary under administrator privilege at system startup when UAC is ON(even at the lowest level).
Has an Update.

You should always be able to start Listary through a task instead of a registry to bypass UAC. Just use the “start with highest privileges” option when you create that task. Tested and confirmed working in Win 8…

Ok finally I found the answer of this problem.
On 64 bit Windows :
Instead of creating the key under HKCU…\Run, you should move to HKLM…<b>Wow6432Node…\Run. This is the only solution(Despite Listary itself is 64 bit. WTF M$ is thinking?).

On 32bit Windows :
I have not tested on it… Perhaps just change HKCU to HKLM, I think.

@highend: Yes it work indeed. But you know that’s not the right way eh :slight_smile:

there is a solution to this is by using this tiny software who will allow to run this software and any other as administrator and avoid the annoyance generated by UAC for trusted software’s like this one.

the UAC Trust Shortcut 1.0 once installed it will run a service the will be used to launch the software with admin privileges without prompting the validation msgbox.

after creating the shortcut like this one ( “%ProgramFiles%\ITknowledge24\ucmd.exe” -r"%ProgramFiles%\Listary\X64\Listary.exe" )

I use it for some software like Logitech setpoint to get the mouse work on software’s launched with higher level of privilege… just to mention.

I hope this will be helpful to someone.