Listary and symbolic links or junctions

As “undoc” in Listary exclude directory of symbolic link follows original path I do use junctions and symbolic links to organize my files.It’s necessary to me to organize the access for different environments. And I do have a similar problem.

My folder “A” contains files. A folder “B” is linked as junction to “A”. When I do search for a file “z” in a subfolder “x\y” of “A” Listary will find “A\x\y\z” and “B\x\y\z”. But when I do search for “y\ z” as described in Advanced search syntax I’ll get only “A\x\y\z” as result to my search. If I do ecxlude “A” there will be no result to a search “y\ z”.

How can I setup Listary to find “B\x\y\z” too? How can I setup Listary to find “B\x\y\z” when I do exclude "“A\x\y\z”?


Hi, Listary still doesn’t fully support junctions. It’s very complicated and I’m still working on it.

Hi, how is the work going on?

Scoop, a popular package manager for Windows, uses junctions to link the most recently versions of packages. So scoop users will benefit if Listary supports junctions.

Hi Channing,
how is your progress with junctions?