Listary and symbolic links or junctions


As “undoc” in Listary exclude directory of symbolic link follows original path I do use junctions and symbolic links to organize my files.It’s necessary to me to organize the access for different environments. And I do have a similar problem.

My folder “A” contains files. A folder “B” is linked as junction to “A”. When I do search for a file “z” in a subfolder “x\y” of “A” Listary will find “A\x\y\z” and “B\x\y\z”. But when I do search for “y\ z” as described in Advanced search syntax I’ll get only “A\x\y\z” as result to my search. If I do ecxlude “A” there will be no result to a search “y\ z”.

How can I setup Listary to find “B\x\y\z” too? How can I setup Listary to find “B\x\y\z” when I do exclude "“A\x\y\z”?



Hi, Listary still doesn’t fully support junctions. It’s very complicated and I’m still working on it.