Listary and Startup Delayer do not get along - Can support for Startup Delayer be added?

I’m using version 4.23.1728 on Windows 8.1.

I use a program called Startup Delayer to start my programs based on CPU usage %, so that my computer does not become bogged down while starting up Windows. Unfortunately, this means that Listary does not hook into any of those programs because they’re being launched through Startup Delayer.

This means, if I launch a program such as Autodesk Maya using Startup Delayer, in order to use Listary, I must manually close and restart Maya in order for Listary to hook.

You can see the problem.

I’ve thought about making Startup Delayer simply run some .LNK shortcut files instead to maybe coax Listary into hooking, but I haven’t tested this yet to see if it actually works. Seems like it would be a much better use of my time to report this as a bug so that Listary and Startup Delayer can play nice together in a future version of Listary. :smile:


Is it possible that Maya is started as admin by Startup Delayer? You can also try Listary 5 beta: Listary 5 Beta (5.00.2334)