Listary 6 not working in Xplorer2


Years ago I reported Listary 6 wasn’t able to start searching for files and folders as you type on a given folder in Xplorer2 file explorer (x2). That was and still is possible with Listary 5.

To use Listary 6 in x2, you need to press twice Ctrl key first, however the type as you functionallity works in Windows Explorer.

Please find more details from other users at x2 support forum: Listary 6 search and xplorer2 - zabkat support forum

I wonder if there are any updates on this. Thank you.

This behavior is not a bug; it’s actually by design. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Previous Version Support:
  • Earlier versions, such as Listary 5, supported the Windows list component (SysListView32), which allowed for direct search functionality not only in file manager but also in any application utilizing the list component.
  1. Current Version Implementation:
  • SysListView32 is becoming less common in newer software, and globally monitoring it can cause stability issues. Thus, we decided to drop support for it in Listary 6.

  • However, the search functionality in file manager is essential. Therefore, we have implemented special integrations for most popular third-party file manager (including Xplorer2), requiring a double press Ctrl to activate the search function.

  1. Why Windows File Explorer Does Not Require Double Press Ctrl but Other Third-Party Software Does:
  • We have made specific customizations to Windows File Explorer that allow Listary 6 to work without the need to press Ctrl twice.

  • These customizations are not feasible for every third-party file manager due to potential conflicts with their native search functionalities. Many third-party managers have their own integrated search functions, and additional customizations could lead to conflicts.

Thank you very much for your detailed response.