Listary 6 - first pop-up (CTRL-CTRL) doesnt have favorites any longer


Ever since the new Listary the standard (windows wide?) Pop-Up doesnt show the three icons on the right (Favorites, Recent, Settings) any longer.

In the file dialog, e.g. of Chrome.exe I still have these icons.

Is this a setting somewhere or is that a pro feature?


It’s just not there in version 6
also not in the pro version.
You can use the Pop-up menu which contains all of these functions and your own.
On my system, it’s assigned to Alt-Gr-L

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That’s good to know but can you tell me how can I add that pop-up manu please?
Is it in the options? and what functions did you use?
Thank you so much

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.2861)
Listary Pro

Thank you but would be great if those are re-introduced into the pop-Up like before.