Listary 6: Features and Progress

Hi Channing,

I love what you’ve done with Listary! Which major features are you working on in version 6, and how far along are you?

My only real complaint about Listary 5 is the lack of high-DPI scaling. The text looks blurry on my Surface Pro 4.

Oh–and I’ve got a suggestion. In 6, add a configurable action to attach whatever file is selected to a new Outlook email that can be addressed to whichever recipients are specified in the config. Note: I do this today with Listary 5, but it involved going to a bit of trouble to figure out how to create a custom action and what Outlook’s command-line switches are. Hopefully you can make this easier on the user in 6.

Also, I use Directory Opus. When I select a file in it, I’d like to be able to use Listary 6 to retrieve the selected file(s) and attach them to a new Outlook email. In 5, my custom action relies on Listary, itself, identifying the file I want to attach first. It would be so much better if, in addition to that, 6 could just grab the selected file(s) in dopus and pass them on to Listary’s custom action. Yes?

Out of curiosity, how many hours of work do you estimate a major release involves?

Good luck–and hurry! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your feedback.

I’m still working on 6. It’s rewritten from scratch and every feature (especially search) will be refined. Search (files, apps, commands, actions, etc.) will be much faster, smarter, and more accurate.

It should not be very hard to add a custom action for it. This link may be helpful: Starting Outlook and having an email pre-populated from command line - Stack Overflow

This feature is already on my to-do and will be available in Listary 6. You’ll have a hotkey to activate Listary’s Action menu on the selected file in Explorer or DOpus.

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In some very points, I prefer Listary than Alfred. With version 6 Listary will be the most powerfull of this kind.
Thank you, I like very much this programa and I think it is the programa I use more times. I use for everything and my “computer life” is not the same.
Hurry with 6 :slight_smile: