Listary 6 Beta 🎉

Don’t you think we’ve spent too much time waiting for an update? Why not let Listary be the work of open source developers? I’m sure they would advance much faster.

Don’t be selfish and share the Listary code so that the Open Source community gives us updates more often! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Posted Apr 9

Listary extension development tutorial:

I’m an amateur developer and honestly, this guy is a genius, this software is so well thought and built! I have been using the beta version daily for more than a year and it’s a life saver. Some tiny features in there, like quickly retrieving the previously visited folder, it’s gold!

So far it does a good job on my machine with no crashes so I don’t have to complain. I hope windows update won’t make it obsolete somedays, cause I’d better not update windows than loose Listary lol.

With that said, I really hope @ICan can keep this project live in 2021 or make it open-source, there are many little things that could be improved, including extensions and more. Serisouly, Windows without Listary feels like garbage, this thing should be a must-have for every Windows machine.


am sending emails to Channing since last April 2020, and didn’t get a single reply.
isn’t there any other way to contact Channing !!!

any advise will Help

Good information thanks for sharing

FYI, @ICan is not the developer of Listary, he is just another user. The main and only developer of Listary is @Channing

I also hope he can continue to maintain Listary, but if he doesn’t have time to do it then the best he can do is to share the code, so the open source community can accelerate the development and updates that we have been waiting for over a year.

It is a pity that Alfred does not exist for Windows, but we have a better alternative, Listary.

Hi everyone, I know that someone have tried make us happy and gave us hope about future developing Listary by @Channing. But I must tell You guys and girls that no one can develop Listary now and in the future. @Channing is dead, really dead and no one can bring him back, so there is no one who can give us the source of Listary and release it to open source. I login here to tell the truth, because I was on funeral of my dear friend - the best software developer in the word :frowning:

screenshot of his profile @channing

16 hours…really dead?

i sent him a message lets see if i have an answer

Maybe this will be useful for those who are looking for the Listary’s developer and want to contact him:

That’s all, I don’t have your home address or your phone number, sorry. :smile:

thanks for all…but dont put his email like that…not very nice for him !

Okay, it’s gone, I hope you wrote it down. :sweat_smile: Although I don’t understand why it would bother him if everyone wants to know what happened to him.

u know it can be used for spam
so u can write like tha “dfdsfsd @ dsjkjfsd _ com” :slight_smile:

Oh yes, you’re right. You know?, I even managed to get Bopsoft’s business phone and zip code, I was thinking of putting them on the list but I thought that was enough. LOL :sweat_smile:

Can we have a portable version of v6 betas?
I’ve always been using portable version of v5 and there’s a problem: a lot of files like “history v2.sqlite” are locked while Listary’s running and can’t be synced by onedrive.

hi Diego_F

were you able to make contact over the phone.
Emails seems hopeless.

I am not crazy to make a long distance call to China, if you want to call here you can see some information from Bopsoft.

Previously there was a portable version that could be downloaded from here but they removed it and now the download link redirects to the Listary home page.

So doing a web search I found the portable version of the latest version of Listary ( Just go to this page, scroll down to “Download Beta Portable”, click on the link that appears there, a new window opens and choose the DropAPK FileHost, on that server you can download the portable version.

I hope the file can be useful for you

TBH I don’t understand how Windows already does not ship with a utility that functions like Listary. It’s so well thought out. It is one of the first pieces of software I install on any PC I use. Like you said, Windows is garbage without Listary

I have found a launcher that seems very good, it is ChaseApp and not only looks for files on your PC like any other launcher, it also has integration with cloud services and is cross-platform. Just check it out.