Listary incompatible with KB5030310?

Microsoft updated File Explorer in the very recent (couple days old) KB5030310 update, seemingly breaking Listary functionality for now. Is it broken for others too?

More specifically, it’s the ctrl+g (by default) function that’s broken for me. Also can’t click in one Explorer and then click in another to navigate to same file after the update.

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With the actual Listary version no such problems.
The open/save dialogs follow dir changes in Explorer, even using new tabs…
Why don’t you update Listary before making error reports ?

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.2361)
Listary Pro

Can’t reproduce with KB5030310 installed and Listary v6.3.0.46.

Yeah I did try the beta version too.

I tried 3 computers in total and all have the same problem where quick switch ctrl+g and automatic quick switch don’t work.

Are you on Listary Pro same as horst? I’m using free version. If not KB5030310, it’s been something in the last week or so Windows update related.

I’m using Pro, but Pro is no different from the free version in terms of file app integration. What’s the version of your Windows?

22621.2361 Win11 Pro 22H2
22631.2338 Win 11 Home 23H2
and can’t check the 3rd one right now