Listary issues

I’m on Win10. I’ve been using Listary 5 Pro for years. Recently I switched

  1. I disabled integration with ALL programs, besides the Folder and File dialogs. Yet, almost every day, Listary’s input field just pops in the middle of my screen, in random programs, at random times, without any Folder/File dialog. It’s very annoying. In your code, please double-check that a Folder/File dialog is actually visible on screen (given my choices) before showing anything Listary-related.

  2. I miss the useful list of recently used folders and files, spelled out in full, accessed with the clock icon. In the past, I saw the whole path instantly, now I have to follow individual breadcrumbs, which forces me to think and recall the exact path, instead of just clicking on a list item. Can I switch back to the old, spelled-out list?

  3. For File Search keywords, when I enter a keyword in the input field, Listary should immediately switch to the folder in question, without my having to think and complete the input with something else e.g. "keyword:[some specific folder]. In other words, entering a keyword should instantly tell Listary that the keyword-linked folder is my top choice, all other options should be below. This is, I believe how it worked in the past. I use Listary to see/click what I want, so I don’t have to use exact paths. Of course, if the user does remember the exact path, keword:[specific folder] should take him/her there.

To number 1:
This never happens here and I have a lot of programs enabled.
Also the Listary entry for Open/Save dialogs never opens in the middle of the screen
they are always positioned below such an dialog.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.832)
Listary Pro

I think I resolved #1: I had the double-Ctrl enabled, which meant when I pressed Ctrl twice in any app (by accident) I’d see the Listary input. So far, after disabling double-Ctrl, I don’t see the input anymore.