Listary 5 nas usage

I have a Nas for my personal stuff like movies, music, documents, books, etc so I’d like to search a file in the folder where I am and in subfolders like books in genre subfolders so I have some questions:

  • I have to put net folders under index custom locations even only to search in subfolders?
  • I thought index custom locations were to use the old disk search and not also when restricted to subfolders, am I wrong?
  • If I add net folders to index custom locations, Listary say me that is a Pro feature, I tried to find a complete list of Pro features with explanations in vain, where can I find it?
  • I really have to pay for Pro version to use my Nas? In the end is like a banal hard disk!


  • There is a way to scroll left and right the results? The path have an autoscroll function but is not on filename so is impossible to distinguish file like this:
    This_File_Name_Is_Very_Very_Long 10 [ABC43].mkv
    This_File_Name_Is_Very_Very_Long 11 [ABC10].mkv
    when my string is This 10, I only see
    Can you add mouse side wheel scroll and something like ctrl+left and ctrl+right?
    Also an autoscroll can be good!



Yes. If you don’t add them as custom indexes, Listary can only search the file list that you’re currently viewing, it can’t search files in subfolders. For example, when you don’t add custom indexes, if you’re viewing the books folder on your NAS, Listary can find books\1.pdf, but not books\subfolder\2.pdf.

Sorry that I don’t quite get this question. What is “old disk search”?

It will be available soon on the new website. Here is a draft:

Yes. Listary has to use a complete different (and complex) way to search your NAS because Listary doesn’t have system level access to a remote disk.

There will definitely be some optimizations for showing long file names.


I must recommend against a lifetime license. As a user I love the idea of never paying again, but it’s also equivalent to a “pyramid scheme” where only new users/new features can continue to power new development. I would recommend something like all Listary 5 users can updated to Listary 6 pro for a low price, like $4.99 and a similar thing for Listary 7, etc.

Whenever people try to charge for a “lifetime license”, it doesn’t end up working in the long run, because you saturate all of the users your program was designed for, and you have no new licenses to sell to fund future development. In reality, we all loose that way.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. There will definitely be some changes to the license type, but not in the near feature. Currently Listary has only reached a very tiny part of its target users, and is far from the bottleneck. There is still a long way to go.

Sorry, I have to disagree, there are many way to think how to earn money to future support and research:

  • ads
  • lifetime license to encourage people to put hand to their wallet
  • Free personal license to improve largest software distribution and raise percentage of Pro version
  • Annual subscription
  • Abbonamento per dividere il prezzo elevato in piccole parti e guadagnare di più su molto tempo
    The worst way is to pay for upgrade and support, I think is really hard for Channing to spread the energy on more version instead of focus all the support on the upgraded version and is an illusion if you think all want spend money to upgrade also if are few.
    I can believe on Channing words about the complex way to search on Nas but in real life usage there’s no difference between internal or external storage, are only the same personal content for me and not a “Professional” usage.
    So Ouwen sees a little part of the problem because wants a better support, Channing sees the programmer’s part of the problem, I see my wallet part of the problem and $19.95 for me are a LOOOOT of money that I can’t have so I must give up on Nas feature of Listary, I will use windows search in that case.
    Don’t misunderstand my words, I love Listary and I suggested it to everyone I know and I really hope many on them spent money for the Pro version and, in a perfect world, I would have spent also 100 $50 for it but this world is sad and many of us have to choice how to spent money to reach the end of the month and in my list of priority there are a lot of vital needs before Listary and I am very sad for this but this is the life :’(
    So when you choose how to earn money need to think not only who have a lot of money but to all the people in a product target and will not bad to think also a who is not in a good economic situation, like the one with the Listary free version, the one who need the Pro but is a real sacrifice or who can spent for a Pro version of the hundred software you have in a PC.
    So I will continue to pray for a wonderful life for Listary but that is all I can do and I’d like all people start to think to the others in this world not only through the perspective of their life or wallet.
    Thanks however for Listary and all the free features in it for poor people like me :smile: :smile: :smile:

No problem, and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

What about donations?

It’s normal for vendors to ask money for some features you need.
The basic program is free, if you need “pro” based features you pay a small fee for that. Nothing out of the ordinary, i see this more often in software.

I think i’ts totally legit. $20 is peanuts in comparison to other software.
And a lifetime license makes sure it’s a sound investment.

Be glad you don’t have to RENT the software Like Adobe or some other vendors.

There’s worse deaf to those who don’t want to hear!!!
Peanuts??? You are saying me that I eat peanuts 3 days every week becouse for me $20 is what I spend for survive 3 days in this world!
Never asked to change how listary earns money, I asked only to respect people with empty wallet and your reply is “peanuts”???
Shame on you, spoiled child!!!
Mi dispiace Channing, mai voluto alla fiamma con dei bambini trool stupido ma spero che questo mondo vi insegnerà molte cose a loro, senza il rispetto non c’è nessuna umanità.
Che è la mia ultima risposta, se volete parlare ancora una volta il muro è il miglior pubblico!

$20 is peanuts, yes. My other professional software is way more expensive so in that contrast this is affordable.

And watch your mouth!
He is respecting people without money by granting you free software.
If there is a feature in the pro version you want you have to pay for it. Tough luck!

I can read italian too, i am not a little kid trolling idiot.
Get a job and pay the man for his work.

If you want the functions in the pro-edition, just pay for it.You have no authority to criticize the auther or ask something more.

Contrasted with Adobe or Microsoft, It’s very generous of the author who supplies a free edition with basic funcitons for everyone who is tightfisted.

In one word, you want it, you pay for it.