Listary 4.23.1727

This is a general/stable release. You can download it from the official website:

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After reporting here, here, here and here the working directory for batch files is still C:\Program Files\Listary instead of the directory the batch file was started from. Please fix it.

My apologies. It has been fixed now, please update:

@Channing Thank you very much! It works fine. Time to uninstall Launchy.
Additional a request from here:

it would be nice if Listary would remember the last input as Launchy does. Sometimes I call repetitive batch files via Launchy and all I have to do is to press Windows + A and then Enter. With Listary I have to type the name of the batch file again.

This feature is already on my to-do with a high priority and will be implemented soon.

But it does. If you click on the clock symbol, you can select the last openend file or folder…

@Channing Thx
@tourmaline I meant the last typed input to launch an application

You could also make a menu for the applications. Something like this:
launch apps

Is there any documentation how to use the application launcher yet?

I’ve added just one directory with one Link in it. Still if I call the Application Launcher it displays me a general search and lists all possible files. The Link that I wanted to include is not there.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong or is the application launcher still broken? It also would be very useful to have the ability to restrict extension types, so only .lnk or .exe files are shown when in launcher mode.

IMHO, it would be best (and more performant) to have only the launchable applications when in launcher mode. If I want to do a search I can still go into the normal Listary mode.


Thanks for your feedback. I agree Launch Apps is not easy to use in the current version. This feature will be completely redesigned in Listary 5 with plugin support and many more.