Listary 4.20.1553

This is a general/stable release. You can download it from the official website:

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Just checking - was the option to have to use ‘>’ to do search outside the directory reintroduced in this version?

I find that it was the ideal combo - listary does a great job searching only the current folder and only showing a few results, but when needed AND SPECIFICALLY ASKED, it can go beyond that and show all files that match.

I found that when all files are shown all the time, it adds more confusion than ease of workflow. So I backed down to 4.02, but keep coming back to check if the option was reintroduced…

Unfortunately, no :frowning:

Currently there is no plan to add it back.

I hope this the right location to post a problem?

I’ve been using the newest version of Listary since it was released, and it seems to have a “memory” issue of some kind. In the past, it hasn’t been a CPU or memory hog, but this release (and maybe the last Beta; not sure…) have been using an awful lot of memory and freezing on my Win7 x64 system. I just rebooted, because listary was using over 500 MG of Private Memory, more than all my other programs. (Screenshot attached from Process Hacker…)

Any ideas why?

After reboot, it is only at around 100 MG.


That is very strange.
This is my screenshot of process explorer and listary on a windows 8.1.1 machine.
Please note that i use the portable version…

It’s nowhere near your memory use, nor is it even close to 100MB!!!

Maybe better to try out the portable version? It has the same functionality as the install version.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will try the portable version and report back :smile:


Batchfiles are still executed with the wrong working directory. Please see Search path! Listary beta 4.20.1487 and Search path! Listary beta 4.20.1487