Lack of function. How to set up amount of "recent items"?

After long time I download new Listary 4.x and I can not see Options: Recent → Global recent items and Recent menu items. I have this option in version 3.51.
This is very important to me to set number of display recent items.
Is it possible to do it?

Hi, I’m sorry that these options are not available at the moment. They will be added back as “Advanced Settings” in a future version.

Thanks for answer. I’ll be waiting for this options. Anyway this one of the best software, very helpful in everyday tasks.

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Hi, I’ve registered here because I want to ask is it any chance to bring back this function? I won’t post new topic because first post in this topic is exactly what I want to ask.
Please, give us possibility to set up amount of “recent items” like it was in previous version.
Thanks for considering this request.

It’ll be added back for sure.

Hi, I’ve downloaded the latest 5.x version and still can’t find setting for number of recent items. In popup I want to display only my Favourites and 6 global recent folders. In version 3.51.858 I have this possibility but I like new version 5.x of Listary so I’m thinking of use this new version.
Is it possible to display only 6 Recent Items in popup menu?
Maybe I can modify some program files to achieve this effect if You’d be so kind to guide me how?

If you’re familiar with JSON, you can edit the setting file manually:

  1. Exit Listary.
  2. Open C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserData\Preferences.json. Make sure to backup it first.
  3. Add related entries history.num_show_app_folder, history.num_show_app_file and history.num_show_global_folder. It should look like this (change the numbers yourself):

Code for you to copy & paste:

      "num_show_app_file": 5,
      "num_show_app_folder": 4,
      "num_show_global_folder": 6

Thank You very much. It works. I am very grateful for the tip. This program has one of the best support.

I have only two questions yet, and I think to ask here without create new thread.

  1. Is it possible to disable automatic show subdirectory when mouse pointer is over folder name? (in older version subdirecotry show when mouse pointer is over arrow at the end of floder name)
  2. Is it possible to scroll long list of folders using mouse scroll? (in older version mouse scroll works)
  1. No.
  2. No, but this will be supported soon.