keywords->Folder feature has been removed from beta

I really like this feature in listary5, it’s quite convinient. but I can’t find this feature in beta6.0.2.14. has it been removed permanently or we can get the same function in another way? thanks a lot.

This function has been integrated into File Search -> Filters.

I tried File Search -> Filters, but it’s not the same as keyword->Folder feature.

e.g. I set a keyword MX, when I enter MX in listary 5, d:\working\MX\ will be the first match and I can open that folder directly by hitting Enter. but I in listary 6 beta version, current match result come in front of d:\working\MX\, I can’t use Enter to open it, I have to use ctrl+N to open the folder, which is not that convinient! I hope shortcut-folder will be the first result if I already set a keyword for it, then other search results.

It’s unusual. This used to be a problem and was reported by some users, but should’ve been solved. I even tested on several folders to confirm it before my first post.

I notice that there is a new beta version, I will give it try, if this still happens on my side, I will report it. thanks for your reply.



双击 Ctrl 激活之后呢?

双击ctrl激活之后是ok的,但是会不方便,我觉得listary5里的这个功能超级好使,不会以后都要双击ctrl之后才可以用吧? 个人觉得多了一步操作,会慢,希望可以考虑像listary5里的那样!