Keyboard freeze on Windows 8

Hello Channing,

All in all I am a happy user of Listary Pro but since switching to Windows 8 (this came with the new PC) I am experiencing a very odd issue.

While working I notice that the keyboard input freezes, with that I mean I can type what I want but nothing shows on screen. After a few seconds it blurts it all out (getting some crazy stuff happening :)), the mouse however remains functional during this freeze.

Now I have been trying to pinpoint the issue but I have not put my finger on the exact cause yet. My suspision is that it has something to do with the clipboard/copy-paste. One thing I seem to have noticed is that when Listary is running the freezes are more frequent than when it is not running.

Is there something you can think of why Listary would influence these freezes?

Thanks for any input.


Sorry that I don’t know the real cause of this problem. Listary only interacts with keyboard in file managers and file open/save dialogs. So if you have encountered this issue in other applications (your web browser for example), it should have nothing to do with Listary.

Are there some other applications running in background?

RolandD, I can’t help you with your problem, but I use Listary on Windows 8 Pro x64 with no sign of the behavior you are experiencing.

I have seen some misbehaving AV software produce such behavior, though. No guarantee that’s what is happening on your system, though.

Sorry for my late reply but I did not get any e-mail notifications of the answers. As it turns out none of the suggestions I found searching the web helped me. One morning it hit me, let me move the USB receiver from the back of my PC to the front USB port. Ever since there are no problems whatsover.

I assume it was getting interference from the other devices hooked up there.

Thank you both for your response and I can happily report I can use Listary again :slight_smile: