It looks like Listary4b1060 dose not work that smoothly with TotalCommander8 when pressing Win + O

Listary 3.51.858.0 has this issue with TC8, while it works perfectly with TC7.5 I hav to say.

When I see the post here:
I decide to try Listary 4. However, the same problem occurs.

I’d love to describe the details about the process for your need.
E.g. When I intent to open a txt file in the notepad, I press Ctrl + O, the Open File Dialog pops up, I then press Win + O, it navigates to TC opening a new tab, I select the txt file I want to open by highlighting it, then again Win + O, to my disappointed, notepad doesn’t open the file, and the Open File Dialog is still there even with the file unselected.

Both Listary and TC are my favorites, which save me a lot time. I really love’em both. They working together well benefits persons like me.

I m using windows 7 pro 32bit, TC 8.01 32bit and Listary 4.0.1060.0.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I’ve just added Win + O for TC8, please check this link

Works perfect on 4.0.1062.0. Thank you very much.

The only problem for me now is I couldn’t set Listary starts with Windows even if I check the box of “Start Listary when Windows starts” in option dialog. I’ve confirmed that a key of Listary is created in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. I think I m putting a lnk of Listary in the Program\Start folder to have a try today.

I can confirm that Win + O does work with TC8.01 x32 with the latest Beta But unfortunately it does not work with TC8.01 x64

work well with 1063. thx a million to martin, too.