It dose't work with AutoCAD 2006.(windows 7)

It dose’t work with AutoCAD 2006.(windows 7)

Listary version 3.23


Thank you very much for submitting the bug report. Two problems here:

1. AutoCAD 2006 uses a customized file dialog, Listary can't recognize it yet. This is not a big problem (compared to the second one); I'll work on it soon.

2. As far as I know, AutoCAD 2006 is not compatible with Windows 7. You have to run it in compatibility mode (Windows XP SP2 or SP3). This will make AutoCAD run as administrator and become untouchable for Listary (running with normal user permissions). To make it work, you have to close UAC or run Listary as admin too (I assume you cannot upgrade AutoCAD). I've been looking for an acceptable solution for this type of application for a long time, no luck yet…