Is there any chance of an portable version?

Please reconsider releasing a portable version.

Without the background service with enhanced rights, there is no actual index.

When started with elevated rights it should be no problem for the scanner.
I also really need a portable version.
Installing Software is so oldschool!!!

I hate installing software. In 99.9% of the time it just makes no sense and is just annoying.

It makes sense in this case.
It’s much more annoying to acknowledge the UAC for each Listary start.
Without a background service, the index must be updated even when you run the client with enhanced rights.

There is no portable version for Listary 6? I have been staying on v5 until 6 matures a bit.

@Channing is there any chance this will be fixed in the future? I rely on portable software heavily and portability is huge dealbreaker for v6.

Could it be made possible to at least keep the application portable for the auto-directory-switching for dialog boxes and for the pop-up-menu? When using the user want’s to use the other function(s) like the search-indexed function, the application then informs the user it needs to install component(s) and then installs them.

It does not for everyone. I do not care about UAC. Also UAC can be automated.

Also UAC can be automated

Hey. How can you do that?

He can’t without having an elevated process running.
That’s a useless idea to overcome the requirement for admin rights.