Is Listary still in development?

I paid for Listary. When will Version 6 be released? Is the application still in active development? Should I move on to another product?

Sorry but have you even tried to read the posts here.
There are no changes since a very long time and no one expects an new version.
The actual beta works fine for me and many others but some users have problems.
Personaly I use Listary for the file manager integration and Everything for all searches.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.527)
Listary Beta
Everything (x64)

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Supposedly it is, but that was said over a year ago with zero updates since. This guy needs to pass/sell his source code to someone else. Of course, if he waits too long, someone will eventually extract his code and create their own version…

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Hi Horst. I have been using Listary v5 for many years and am wondering if Listary v6 is a suitable replacement. I am not sure how complete v6 was before development stopped a few years ago. Can you advise if v6 is viable?

PS: I see you use Everything and are using the 1.5 beta. It’s also a good product.

The Listary beta 6 is fine for me but now I use most of the time only the Ctrl-G logic
which works with Total Commander and XYplorer…
For searching Everything beats Listary in all aspects.
Its of course not a launcher but there are many scripts around it which I use.
Also I use the Everything Toolbar in the taskbar which is a good replacement for the Listary serach popup…
I never use any file managers native search tool as there is an Everything integration
in Total Commander and XYplorer (my file management tools)

Everything is very good and mostly better although Listary’s interface has some strong points and it seems to use less power (which shows up on a slow machine like mine). I tried to integrate Everything with Total Commander but it didn’t work, so I’ll tryi it again sometime.

Am not sure what you mean by the CTRL-G interface as I stripped out almost all the shortcuts long ago. Can you advise? Also, my main interest in Listary v6 is how buggy it is or how incomplete in important functions before deveopment stopped. Can you comment on that? Thank you.

Ctrl-G is the function to switch file Open/Save dialogs to the current dir of your file manager.
Its normaly done automatically but sometimes you need this hotkey to trigger it.
It works fine for my file managers (Total Commander and XYplorer).
I’m missing no functions in beta 6 and it runs stable for me
but not all settings from the version 5 are ported.
Just test it yourself.

today,listrary beta is updated

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yes, amazing :grinning:

Just received the notification for the new build 6.06.21. While it is indeed great news, I am somewhat skeptical about this release as there has been no official word on the forums or the website.

The new installer is signed by Zaozhuang Shizhong District Bopsoft Sales Department on April 17, 2022, whereas, the previous installer had been signed by Bopsoft (Zaozhuang) Sales Department on May 11, 2019.

Has anyone updated to the new build? This application has been on hiatus for years; and frankly speaking, I am hesitant to try it blindly.

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I updated it and checked it with Virus Total.
Its clean and still works fine for me.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.613)
TC 10.50b1 x64 / x86
Everything (x64)
Listary Pro
XYplorer 23.00.0100

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Listary did stoped updating for a while, but It start update now :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it may have stopped again. :rofl: :upside_down_face:

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