Is it possible to treat the folder(s) as filename to search?

if I have the folders structure like D:\AAA\BBB\CCC\DDD. I would like to have it listed if I search “AAA CCC” and I can just to D:\AAA\BBB\CCC by cursor. and “AAA BBB DDD” for D:\AAA\BBB\CCC\DDD. thanks!

This will be supported very soon. You will be able to search any part of the path by adding a backslash to your search term. For example:

  • CCC AAA\
  • DDD A\ B\ (you only need to type part of the folder name)
  • BBB\ AAA\ DDD (order doesn’t matter)
  • AAA\BBB\DDD (space doesn’t matter)

great. hope to see it soon.