Is it possible to make Wox work like Listary?

What I loved the most to Listary was the feature of navigating to the active folder in windows explorer just by switching focus to that specific window…

Now, as Listary seems to stagnate, I was looking into options… one that drew my attention is Wox, but it seems so basic (basic is good, but sometimes we just need some features).

Any suggestions on how to make Wox work more like Listary?

Wox already beats Listary by using Everything search with flexility Listary never had…
Navigation to active folder in Explorer or other file managers can be done by using an Autohotkey script from NotNull Everything forum member:

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This Power Toy enhancement would only support Windows Explorer !
The QuickSwitch AHK mentioned above does the same for many 3rd party file managers
and also Windows Explorer of course.