Integrate with everything to search everything in the computer

Everything ( can locate files instantly in the computer.

Sometimes I remember the filename but not sure where the file is located.
It would be great if listary can also search the file in the entire computer in a separate list.

Hello fkingan,

I’m still waiting for the next major version of Everything which can be run as a service. Sorry that integrating with the current version of Everything is not easy.

Yes that would be great addition to this software and everything is a phenomenal software too that I use as a reflex and sometimes when I look for a file in listary I do it like if it will do this on all sub-folders or directory tree… but I remember that it’s not that way things work but having this reflex is somehow mean that it will be the next big thing to add.

maybe making an option to be checked so it look recursively in the sub-folders for the files using everything service or maybe the same method it does to do the lightning fast search (without the awkward indexing method used by some other search software)