Integrate Files app

I use an app called Files and it’s incompatible with Listary’s menu feature.

Left one is Explorer & Right one is the Files app

I have reached out to the Files developer, they expressed interest in collaborating with Listary to address these issues and ensure seamless integration between the two applications.

You can find more information about the Files app on their website:

I believe this collaboration would greatly benefit users like myself who rely on both Listary and the Files app for productivity.

The software will update many new features in the future.
In the meantime, recommend that you use the following keyboard shortcuts to work around the issue:

Thanks! That works for now, but I hope to see the collaboration in future :wink:

We’ve already reached out to Yair, the developer of Files, and will attempt to collaborate. Thank you very much for your feedback on Files!

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This question is off topic, but can you tell me what software you used to edit the screenshot?

You mean this?