Input language in Listary

Is that possible to implement an option in “Options”, which will sync input language in Listary with input language of system?..
For example, I use not just English, but Ukrainian (I’m from Ukraine).
So, when I use Ukrainian language in system - I would like to invoke Listary and start typing immediately (in Ukrainian).
But Listary has it’s own memory of selected language.
That’s why - if the last language you were using was English, this time it also would be English, not any other.

So, is there a chance to allow users to sync Listary language with the system’s?

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By default Windows 10 only has per app IME setting, there isn’t a system wide one that Listary can read from.

You need to change your system setting to achieve your goal:

I’m using Windows 7 :sunglasses:

There should be a similar setting. Check if this link is helpful:

No, too bad, but there are no settings in Windows 7, for that.
Author of thread on has the same problem, and no one could help with their advice.