Indexing/Search Issues

Moved to a new PC, and now Listary Pro doesn’t seem to want to find any of my files. I’ve rebuilt my index (both in Listary and Windows itself), and I keep getting a warning message “Warning: Not all files are indexed”, even though they are.

Any fix for this? Not sure what to do.

Maybe you didn’t install the Listary service with gets the necessary rights
to index all files.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.3296)
Everything (x64), Everything Toolbar 1.3.2
Listary Pro

I’m an idiot. I have Powertoys, which has a similar function (Powertoys Run). Should have known when I didn’t see the Listary logo. Disabled, all sorted.

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I’m using both, perhaps that why I’m getting error in certain unknown situation?

Using PowerToys and Listary together shouldn’t cause issues, just make sure their shortcuts don’t conflict.

Powertoy default is Alt+Space

Aye, Alt + Space is the shortcut I generally use for shortcut programs like these. I’ve just disabled PowerToys Run, as Listary covers my needs (and then some).

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Thanks for this tidbit! I had changed the Listary hotkey from ctrl + ctrl to ctrl + because of muscle memory from program launchers I use on Linux. But the command didn’t work when the Windows Desktop or Windows Explorer was frontmost. It turns out that the PowerToys shortcut for “Peek” is… ctrl + . Hah! I changed the shortcut for Peek and now Listary can be invoked when Explorer or the Windows Desktop is the front app.