In "Save file..." explorer dialog - no highlighting of folders

When I work in the program, and trying to save file - the Explorer dialog window “Save…” opens, and starting to type the necessary letters - window of Listary appears, and it shows items in it’s list, but it doesn’t highlight folder/files in the “Save…” dialog window.
No highlighting and no “jumps” to them, as well.


  1. What’s the application’s name? Does this happen for all apps?
  2. Did you type directly on the file list (like in Explorer), or did you type in Listary’s search bar instead?
  1. Visual Studio Code --> trying to save file.
  2. Both. Cursor can be focused in “Save” dialog, and when I start typing - Listary appears. And after that - I can focus in Listary and typing there, in both cases - no highlighting.

This is actually by design for save dialogs. Both save and save as dialogs offer a default “File name” textbox value (like the original file name or “Untitled.txt”). Highlighting a file list entry will overwrite this “File name”, putting you at the danger of overwriting a file unexpectedly.

This is especially the case when you just want to jump to a folder. In order to jump to “SomeFolder” to save the file, you start typing “some” into Listary. If highlighting is enabled, after “s” being typed, file “sa.txt” may get selected, and now the “File name” becomes “sa.txt”. If you don’t notice this, you end up overwriting it when you click “Save” finally.

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ok, I get it