I paid but I never received my license

Hi, I bought the Listary Pro License recently and I never received my activation key.
I contacted support several times but never got an answer
Do you know how I can contact someone to get information about this ?

You can not contact anyone, because author of Listary has gone years ago (someones claim he is dead). In few days ago someone login here and had write that Listary is still in development. He had published last version 6 on the page even. But I’m thinking that it is not author but someone else who obtained login and password and make us a joke and now we all will be waiting for next few years for next update :slight_smile: I must admit, that I’m waiting for this mirracle too :slight_smile: I can not live without Listary, it is the main software in my workflow.

Yes so bad, It is a really good soft ,thanks for your answer

There where several updates in the past few months.
Also it doesn’t matter which person makes such updates.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.832)
Listary Pro

You should have received your license on the same page where you bought it. Immediately without delay. Are you sure payment went through? This should be a fully automatic process with no delays whatsoever.

You’re wrong here. There are good programmers, there are brilliant programmers, and there are terrible programmers. It matters a whole deal who makes updates! Channing is a brilliant programmer and his software would be ruined if updated by someone incompetent

Hi, I am Xinyi, the codesigner of Listary with Channing Dai.
Can you provide the e-mail address from which you purchased the license? And I will resend the license to you shortly.
I will start to check the support mailbox every day and check the forum regularly from now on. Sorry about the delayed support.

I confirm the apps is not dead.
Buy this and code received!