Huge problems with searching folders

I have local disk D: with folder Files in it, and folder Chrome in Files folder.
D: / Files / Chrome
All I want to do is to type: “d files chrome
And I should get my folder in the list, right?
But, I don’t. I get nothing. Clear list.

here is a “d files” input:

… and Listary offers you absolutely everything, but not D: / Files folder.

Ok, you will say that my inquiry should be with colons … “d: files: chrome
Well, I will disagree on that. Because this colon symbol is not so common in use, so every time you need to find it on keyboard, and you should press Shift every time, it is absolutely inconvenient.
But, OK, even if so, here we go with inquiry with colons in it:

Listary should be smarter.
It should understand, that simple “d” is local disk D: (without typing colons)
It should understand, that simple “c” is local disk C: (without typing colons)
It should understand, that simple “e” is local disk E: (without typing colons)
… if after “d” or “c” coming up a space. So, something like “d folder”, “c programs”, “e music”, etc.

“d music” should find exactly “music” folder in disk D:
If there are no files called “music” exactly inside of disk D:
If someone want to find files, only in that case, they should use colons “d hits: linkin”
(d without colons, folder “hits:” with colons, and “linkin” is the part of file names)

This “smarter” behavior is kind of strictly order-sensitive path matching, while the actual behavior is name matching unless you type “:” and “\” (not “:” for folders). With normal path matching one usually gets too many unwanted results and there is no way to narrow them down when he doesn’t know more about the path, which is the common case. In contrast, The actual behavior gives more freedom.

Good thing is a strictly order-sensitive path matching, or the “smarter” matching, doesn’t have the problem the normal path matching has. One of the main problem with the “smarter” matching is that people rarely search a file or a folder by recalling and typing the full path only with the “:” and "\"s replaced by spaces. That’s exactly the oppsite of common case. It’s so uncommon that we can hardly call it a kind of search.

But even so, while doing with the Listary’s matching rules, one still can use Projects to emulate part of the “smarter” behavior and, again, has more freedom for that part. For example, you can define keyword “d;” or just “d” for searching in driver ”D:". You can also define “d;files” or “df” for searching in “D:\Files”.