Howto Ignore "KGB" folders

In my file system I have folders Named “KGB” that serve as local garbage bin.
I tried to avoid Listary listing files into those “KGB” with the Folder filter KGB but with no success.
any Idea how-to do this?


Instead of creating a filter, use the 2nd button “Exclude a drive or folder” in Listary Options - Index. Also, “Clean History” in Listary Options - History.

its in Beta 6.5.16
I have already tried “remove a folder or drive from search result” no success
as I have almost 30 KGB folders in my HD I cannot enter all the full paths
hence the try with KGB

Can you upload one screenshot of your priority settings and one of the search results?

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here you can see that Listary shows several files in “KGB” locations

Hi There. I hope I’m not “hijacking” this thread… Calude, I see that you are using wildcards such as *KGB* in your patterns. Does that work? When you create a new rule, the dialog says “File name (regex)”

Channing, did you mean we should use regular expressions… Or wildcards?

I tried using wildcards but it doesnt work for me hence this thread

If it’s PERL type regexes, you might try

Oddly though, I notice that Canning’s default items don’t use regex rules… I’m not an expert, but I think that backslashes have to be escaped with an additional backslash… Like
C:\\Users\\SWKunkel\\Google Drive\\\N*
should match C:\Users\SWKunkel\Google Drive\Folder

thanks but this doesnt work either

No doubt you already tried “Rebuild Index” after changing you settings…

I see. The reason is that file name filters only apply to folders themselves, not contents within them. I’ll find a solution for this.

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I’m curious if my above comment with C:\\Users\\SWKunkel\\Google Drive\\\N* is correct… Should we use double back-slashes?

Will Listary also accept an asterisk * as a wildcard, or does it need to be strict regex rules?

Folder paths are not treated as regex. Escaping is not needed. Wildcards are not accepted.

Interesting. Thanks for the reply DiamondbacK.
So I guess if you exclude (for example) C:\Users\SWKunkel\MyFolder then all subfolders and files in that folder would be excluded. That doesn’t seem very flexible. Maybe I’ll experiment so I can see. For now I’ll drop it, so I don’t keep hijacking this thread… :slight_smile:

why “KGB” ?
nothing to do do with russian spies, comes from french “cagibi” cupboard