How to use hotkeys

How do hotkeys work? For instance, for the Copy Path to Clipboard action, I have a hotkey of Ctrl+P. I would expect that if there is a file selected in Explorer, Ctrl+P would copy the path to the clipboard, but it doesn’t. If I activate Listary by typing part of a filename, then right arrow, then choose Copy Path to Clipboard, that works, but that’s a lot of extra steps if a file is already selected.

Also, I’m not able to set a single hotkey like F4. If I hold such a key down, it shows F4 in the field, but it disappears as soon as the key is released.


Actions only work for search results of Listary. Hotkey to directly copy the selected file path in Explorer is Ctrl+Shift+C, you can set it in Listary Options - Menus - Commands (select from the dropdown menu).

Currently you have to use a modifier like Ctrl/Shift/Alt/Win. I’ll consider adding single key support in the future.

Thanks for that detail on Commands, that’s what I was missing to be able to copy the selected filename with a hotkey without having to select/search via Listary first. Similarly, I’d also like to create a hotkey to open the selected file in an editor. Under Commands, I added one to Launch Application, with my program and “{action_path}” in Parameter (based on the ‘Edit with’ Actions), but it apparently doesn’t recognize {action_path} in this scenario. Is there another variable name to use for this case? Are the supported parameters like action_path documented somewhere? What other parameters are supported?

Is there a way to tweak the preferences file directly to change a hotkey to a single key like F4?

Use %file%.

%path% : Current folder path
%file% : Path of the selected file
%filename% : File name of the selected file

Please note that they are subject to change. Detailed documentation will come with the final version of Listary 5.

Yes, there is:

  1. Set the hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P in Listary Options.
  2. Exit Listary.
  3. Edit Preferences.json, replace 20487 with 29440.

29440 = 0x7300, the high byte 0x73 is VK_F4, the low byte 0x00 is the modifier key, which is null in this case.