How to use exclude filter regular expression?


I want to exclude some files from being included in index.
These files include some back up files.
One of the example “some-file-name.ext~”.
I thought “*~” will filter out but it didn’t.


all does not work.
Where can I find some info/doc about exclude filter regular expression?



*~ should work. Please make sure you’ve added it as an exclusion filter (the 3rd button).

Also you may still see it for the following reasons:

  1. History. You can go to Listary Options - History to Clean History or add a filter.
  2. If you’re viewing the folder containing this file in Explorer, Listary will show it as a search result in the List section. It will not be searchable if you’re viewing other folders.

It looks that the update takes some time.
Forcing the index update does not look reflect the filter expression.


Oh, I forgot to mention that you need to click OK or Apply before rebuilding the index.