How to stop Listary from popping up in Windows Task Manager

Whenever I have the Windows Task Manager open to Processes or Services and I type a letter to start finding a particular program, Listary pops up. I don’t want it here, and have not managed to find an option to tell it to not pop up. Any ideas?

Win 7 64-bit Ult; Listary Beta 4.01.1237.

First you type “!”(default hotkey, can modified) in Windows Task Manager, then Listary will popup a message saying the realtime searching temporarily disabled.

Remember press ‘Esc’ to resume Listary’s realtime searching as that message said.

Check this:

Channing, thanks – that does the trick. Now I see taskmgr.exe listed in the “Application” page of the option dialog. I had been looking there in an attempt to add an application, but I don’t see any way to add an application to the list using the option dialog. It is possible to delete one, though, I see.

Thanks for th equick answer.