How to search only the current folder

How can I limit the search to only the folder I’m currently in?

For some reason when I do a search I’ll often get a lot of folders and files that aren’t in my current folder and it will leave out things that ARE in my current folder. If I go into Search in the Options menu and Force Rebuild Index that seems to do the trick for a short while but it quickly goes back to its old behavior.

I’m on Windows 7 if that matters.

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In the current version search results sorting may not be ideal in some situations (it will be hugely improved in the next version), but Listary should not miss some results. Can you get those files if you type the full filenames?

No. When it’s working it works fine. When it isn’t working, even if I have a folder open which has a folder for each US state I can type in “California” and I’ll get no results.



Now you will get all results that are in the folder named California…


Alt-062: >California

greater then sign California…

it won’t let me show the greater then sign directly in front of Califiornia but this way you only search the files in that particular folder.

Hrm…when I do that I get no results



Give the latest version a try:

That seems to have the same behavior. It couldn’t find one of my folders (the only one I tried) regardless of using a greater than sign. After doing a “Force Rebuild Index” it again was able to find it (as it was doing previously, however this is temporary).


Please capture and upload a screenshot when Lisary doesn’t work correctly again. Thanks.

search only the current folder work well in xp 32 bit,
and not work in windows7 64 bit


This is by design. Listary now searches all drives by default.

It’s working for me and i use windows 8.1!

Here’s a screenshot…

And another one…

It should have been fixed in the latest version. Please give it a try:

Sorry to kick this topic up but does Listary as default drill through all folders starting from root?

For example I create a textfile “test1234.txt” in the root of “d:” , so the path of the new file = d:\test1234.text

Now, if I am in “d:\music” which has a huge list of songs one of them beeing:

If I am in “d:\music” and want to find the “test1234.mp3”, I start to type “test1234” the problem is the textfile in the root of “d:” also get’s found and displayed.
To be clear, search result

  • d:\test1234.txt
  • d:\music\new_songs\subfolder1\subfolder2\subfolder3\test1234.mp3

What I want, is NOT the “d:\test1234.txt” in my search result as I started to type within "d:\music"
If I understood this topic correctly, Listary should be able to do this on Windows 7 64 bit?
Or is there a setting or special trick I missed?

edit: version 4.22.1679 (Portable)

Hi, if you’re in d:\music, d:\music\new_songs\subfolder1\subfolder2\subfolder3\test1234.mp3 should always be listed above d:\test1234.txt, otherwise it should be a bug.