How to remove Listary Upgrade prompt linked with WWW.DUIOPS.NET/SEREVIVOS icon bar on desktop

A small icon bar in black test against a grey field displaying the text “WWW.DUIOPS.NET/SEREVIVOS” just appeared in the top left corner of my desktop. I have tried to delete it and failed. It is linked to the upgrade site for Listary. I DK how to post an image here but I have one.

How can I kill this intruder and why is it linked to your site?

Hello sinbad,

Please send the screenshot to as an attachment.

No matter what the bar is, it’s not from Listary.

It is linked to the upgrade site for Listary.
Could you please post the url? There is no upgrade site for Listary as I know.

Here is the url for the link -

I am sending sceenshot as requested.

I went to:

And problem was apparently resolved with help of MS Fixit

Still dk how this happened and am now running AV and keylogger disgnostics.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Hello sinbad,

Glad the problem was fixed! Please don’t hesitate to contact with me again if you need more help.