How to make Listary work with Q-Dir?

I have successfully run Listary with xplorer2 by making xplorer2 the default file manager, then configuring xplorer2 so that it always opens in the same instance, but lately I have gone over to Q-Dir. This is an excellent freeware file manager, however I am unable to stop Listary from opening a fresh instance of Q-Dir each time, which is most annoying.

Has anyone any experience with getting this particular file manager to play happily with Listary? I have written to the (German) author of Q-Dir, but it might take some time to get an answer. I have tried all the obvious options with this app but am still short of a solution. I can see Q-Dir becoming more and more popular as it has many good features and is freeware.

Thanks for any help here.

Hello mike_a,

It seems that Q-Dir doesn’t offer a command line option for this. I’m sorry that I can’t help :frowning:

Thanks Channing for looking into this for me. I will take this up with Q-Dir’s developer and if I find a solution will post it here.

I figured out how to get this to work:

Set path to:
set parameter to:
"/c start “” “%1"”

Only works in windows.

Perfect solution!
The only problem could be the quotation marks. I set the parameter to 【"/c start %1"】 and it works.
Thank you.

please add native q-dir support. :cold_sweat:there was q-dir support in version 5