How to disable "Find as You Type" feature?

I want to disable the “Find as You Type” feature, because I only need the other features. But how is this possible, because I didn’t find anything at the preferences.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Sorry that it is not possible to disable find as you type currently. Could you please tell me why do you want to do this (e.g. which part of this feature is annoying you) so I can make some improvements?


I just don’t want it and it is a little bit annoying, because Listary pops up if I press the key of the first character of the filename I’m searching for (which will be selected by the windows explorer out of the box). So I just want to use all other features of Listary.

Hmm, I’m really sorry, there is nothing I can do here…

Hmm, I'm really sorry, there is nothing I can do here...

The question is: Who can? :slight_smile:

Sorry that Listary was designed to provide find as you type support for lists at first (that’s where the name ListAry comes from). In fact find as you type is the only feature available in version 1. Many other features are implemented as enhancements to it, so if you disable it, they cannot work properly. Hope you can understand :slight_smile:

Since the toolbar doesn’t need you to take any extra actions (key press or mouse click), just try to ignore it visually. I’m very confident that you’ll find it extremely useful someday!

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Not possible to add an option in Listary to ignore a keypress event in the explorer window, if no Listary menu is visible?

OK, I will add an Advanced Option (in an extra dialog, will be available in Listary 4) to allow you to disable find as you type.

Thank you very much. I look forward to it. :slight_smile:

I use listary for the extra features added to open/save dialogs, so the type as you find is mostly a nuisance for me aswell, although i have found it useful a time or two actually.

Could you also add an option to disable find as you type for Directory opus. Dopus also has a feature to filer folder contents with a find as you type, however, when listary is shown, it steals the focus. If I uncheck dopus in the “By Window Type” in options then I cannot see open folders in file open / save dialogs.

This is very annoying as I want to see the folders open in dopus when I have a file open / save dialog, but i also want to be able to filter a folder’s contents as i type in dopus

You’re very close. In “By Window Type” select but don’t uncheck DOpus, and you’ll notice that there is a “Find as you type” option on the right panel.


Thanks Channing :slight_smile:

Hey Channing, Good to see that you are still alive, please make this project open source and ask for donation at least it will continue to get developed… it is the only Chinese piece of software that everyone Windows user is willing to install, and it is sad to see that is already an abandonware…

Are you kidding? The answer Channing gave in this post was on August 8, 2014, 7 years ago.

I think you got confused man. :neutral_face: