How To Disable Ctrl+Ctrl

Hello Listary, I just recently updated my version from 4.something to the newest 5.00.2581 and I’m glad most of the features that make Listary the powerful search engine it is since day one are still there.

However, there’s also included a new hotkey shorcut which is causing me problems, the Ctrl+Ctrl hotkey, which is a singley key combination that happens a lot when you play videogames, and sadly Listary is not smart enough to contextually disable this hotkey when I’m fullscreening games. This results in me getting kicked out of many games for a small duration of time which can be as long as 1 second or take almost 10 seconds depending on which game I’m playing.

Altogether, as of today I’d rather have one hotkey shorcut (Windows+G) which in my opinion is waaaaaaaay harder to accidently press while playing games, since I’ve yet to play a single game which uses the Windows button. What this means is I no longer will have to exit Listary the moment I want to play games.

My question is, how do I disable Ctrl+Ctrl? or at the very least how do I change it to a rarer hotkey shortcut? Thanks so much for the support, Listary is boss in what it does and I’m always reccomending it to my social circle.

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Hello Monoverdoso. You can disable Ctrl+Ctrl by unchecking the checkbox as shown in the screenshot below.

I can’t believe I did not see that checkbox! This may sound petty but maybe putting it below the hotkeys would maximize it’s visibility, thanks a lot Turion!

Don’t feel bad. This thread helped me too.

CTRL CTRL is horrible for gaming.