How to create a keyboard shortcut to a path?


Can someone show me how to create a keyboard shortcut to a path?

The target directory is D:\X-Plane 12
The keyboard shortcut is CTRL + ALT + x
It should be callable from any application.

There are several options under Functions. But I can’t find out how to do it.
I would be very happy to receive help. Many thanks in advance.

Best regards, Ryma

You can create a command to achieve this functionality:

  1. Open command options.
  2. Create a custom command.
  3. Fill in the “Hotkey”(Ctrl+Alt+X), “Keyword”, “Title”, and fill in the path you need to open in “Path”(D:\X-Plane 12).
  4. The “Scope” option can be selected according to needs(According to your need, you can choose “Any app”).

If you need more information about how to use Listary, please refer to Listary Docs(

Hi Noah

Thank you very much first of all. It seems to work. Windows Explorer is opened by default. However, I use a different file manager called Freecommander. Although this opens, it takes over the previously selected directory, not the one I entered in the Working directory field, namely D:\X-Plane 12. Do you recognize a mistake in my settings? I can’t get any further. I would be very happy for help.

Best regards, Ryma

Hi Ryma,

If you use a third-party file manager, you may need to pass the path via command line parameters. I suggest you fill in D:\X-Plane 12 in “Parameter” and leave “Working directory” empty.

In addition, I also referred to the advanced usage of freecommander. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to use specific parameters, such as /C /L="D:\X-Plane 12", etc. For details, you can check this website Command line parameters .

However, considering the compatibility and update issues of third-party tools, there may still be problems during use. We will improve Listary as much as possible.

Happy flying~

I have called up the website you gave me. Still can’t get any further.
It’s done. We’ll let the matter rest.