How to convert number to hex

I know you can perform operations on hex values by simply using 0x before the value. But how do you get the result in hex?

Are you using Listary’s built-in calculator for that?

yes… I did say that.

Try putting 0x4 + 0x1a in listary.

I didn’t know that the built-in calculator can do operations with hexadecimal numbers, but the result of those operations are decimal numbers; in your example the result should be 1e in hexadecimal but it shows it as 30 in decimal.

Like you I have done several tests but it seems that the Listary calculator cannot display the results as hexadecimal values, so it is better to use another calculator.

If you are using Windows 10 the calculator app can help you.

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Yes but Its fine if I can implement myself decimal to hex. If its possible. I dont want my answer to show up in a command prompt so.

All i need is, if I can implement something hex 30 and I can get a copy-able result as hex.

Well, I am not a programmer or an advanced user, so I don’t know what else you can do, only that if the built-in Listary calculator does not show the result as you want to see it, then it is better to use another calculator.

Oh I meant, If listary support extensions that way. Logic I cant implement. One thing I can do is just have a python command to execute this as the parameter but that would put the result out in a command line instead.