How to clear history?

I’m using Listary Pro I’d like to clear the search history that shows up when I start a search. There’s a post from 2016 that says there’s a Clean History button in Options but I can’t find it. Is there any way to do this?

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Probably the same issue. I noticed today that in my search results there are unwanted items from previous indexed folders that I don’t have in indexing settings since months. I have managed to remove them by setting them in exclusion list. Not a clean way, I suppose.

There is
Delete it

Done, thanks. Just for future reference, you need to close Listary first, otherwise the same history content appears again.

It’s a bit “weird” having items in history if relative paths are not indexed anymore. Or not?

No, it’s sometimes useful, as the disk which is related to such a search
my become available at a later time.