How to assign assign system alt+space hotkey to Lunch Apps

Is there any way to assign alt+space to Lestiry run Lunch Apps?

I found how to disable this but how to reassign this hotkey is till a question. I am using Win10.

Any thoughts?

Try to press Space, then Alt in Listary.

This is great, and works! Thanks!

OK I assigned the shortcut this way but when pressing it the windows default action gets fired which is showing popup in the top left corner with the actions on current windows.

May be it is possible to catch alt+space with Autohotkey and send it to Listarty ?

Any thoughts?

Please check again and make sure you’ve saved the hotkey setting successfully by clicking OK or Apply. No extra steps are required after Listary recognizes Alt+Space.

Not working for me. I pressed “Apply” then “OK” even restarted the listery and then PC

When clicking alt+space just this wired “Window Close/Maximize/etc” dialog popsup I mentioned above. Listery is not firing.

Also FYI I am running Windows with Bootcamp on the Mac could it be a problem?

Just switched back to “Alt+S” for now.

Thanks for the information. I’ll look into it.