How to add ecosia for research?

Hey, I want to do research on internet with ecosia (a search engine that plant a tree when we do research) but I don’t know how to import it in listary.

I can’t set a keyword and I don’t know what to put in suggestion provider.
So it is possible to do it ?
Thank you, have a nice day.


There is not much information on the Listary website on how to add custom search engines, but I was able to add Ecosia in the Listary options, just follow this image:
After clicking on apply and OK, and just by typing the keyword eco followed by a space, Listary will appear like this:
In suggestion provider I didn’t know what to put in its respective field, so in the end I decided to leave Google as the suggestion provider.

To see that all of the above works correctly, I did a search on, then I did the same search with Listary and… TaDa! shows the same results and the counter of planted trees also increases its number as if you searched only through the Ecosia website.

I hope my answer has helped you :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. By the way, use this image to appear in the list of Ecosia results through Listary, just click on the folder icon you see in the first image and select the image, that’s all.

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Hi, thank you so much for your help. :grinning:

No, thanks to you for introducing me to Ecosia. I didn’t know that there is an ecological search engine like Ecosia. :+1::recycle::evergreen_tree:


Edit: What do you think?
Now it looks greener. Just replace the o in the word Ecosia in the Title field with the globe emoji.

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It looks really good like that :grinning:

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Okay, I’m glad you liked it, good day. :wink:

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