How Priorities work? (unless they don't)

(1) I added originally filter (.*)((\.lnk)|(\.sln)|(\.bat)|(\.url))$ to priorities with High status. This seems to do something. For example sln will be show before some other results

Now I’m trying to just experiment, and I don’t think this feature works properly though.

For example, I have now left only and only ahk as high priority, but it still doesn’t end up in the top. See the screenshot:

Could someone give me example how do I add extensions and make the ones I want to appear on top

(2) Seems that Listary doesn’t remember what option I chose last time. For example, if I type 1password and select second item in menu (url extension). It will remember to show it on the top next time, but the moment I restart listary (which happens with each laptop restart), it will again show the normal shortcut in top instead of url

Same issue here.

I can’t find a filter that works to exclude folders unless I specify the whole path, which isn’t practical for me.

How can I exclude a folder with the text __astcache anywhere in it? I understand that this might impact the building of the index, but can’t these filters be applied to the results instead?


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