How or Where to see any details of Index status?

I’m a bit stumped and need some guidance!
I’m running 5.00.2843 (Windows 8.1 64 bit).

I’ve recently had to replace a heavily used NAS (working as file server) and I’ve removed any folders on the old NAS from “Custom Folder Locations” and added the new NAS’s replacement folders. (The old NAS is still active on the Network for now as it’s not completely dead and I’m still copying data across in stages to make sure everything gets over)

I’ve clicked “Force Rebuild Index” at the time I defined those. (If I’m supposed to see some “indexing complete” message, i never have.)
Listary has been running with these new folders for multiple days to maybe 2 weeks?

Some of the new locations do appear in the search results which is good, but definitely not as many files or folders are appearing that should be. The old NAS is also still appearing in results. When I tried adding the old NAS folders to Folder Exclusions they always appear under “Invalid Folder Exclusions”. (I’m not sure why these would be invalid now when they were allowed to be custom folder indexes before)

Bottom line: I’m trying to suppress folders from the old NAS that have been fully moved to the new NAS and make sure that the new NAS is getting fully indexed.

I have never had the old NAS fully mapped to my laptop and cannot have to map all network folders now.


  • When I Force the Index Rebuild, is there a service I should see running to be sure it is actually running?
  • Also for Forcing the Index Rebuild: Is there any place that announces when it’s done? Or perhaps stops because of some error?
  • Is there a place I can find some datetime stamp for the last time the index completed successfully?
  • For a “worst case” scenario, is there a way I can clear the complete index data and start it over from scratch to get the old folders and files out?

If you can answer these or provide any related guidance it would be hugely appreciated!
Thank you!


You can find the index status and timestamp in Listary 6, but not 5.

  1. You can try to exit Listary and delete C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserData\DiskSearch.db . This will completely remove the index file.
  2. Also clean history via Options - History.

Thank you very much!

I admit I’m always a bit hesitant to jump into beta versions particularly with an app that is rather critical for my own management otherwise! But I will jump to it if I have to.

Is there any additional pitfalls or down sides that I need to consider or at least be aware of before deleting the disksearch.db file or emptying the history? (Since that index is one that has been “grown” and used for years now…) Or will it just cleanly rebuild itself? and so the more frequent use of certain entries or the time an entry has existed in the index doesn’t really make any difference here…

Thank you very much for your help!

  1. You can safely delete DiskSearch.db. It’ll cleanly rebuild itself.
  2. Cleaning history will remove all the invalid history entries, but could also delete some of the recent folder entries (in the History menu) you might need.