How globally and permanently disable: "Find as you type"?

I disabled everything here, but still works in some cases e.g. Windows Task manager or PSPad (ftp panel). Could you please add global option turn off? Or something superior to all types of applications that will be the default. Custom settings for each application would override the default settings.

So e.g. if I try, where I find the most suitable position Listary, I will not have to change all applications separately.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll consider offering a “Default” section in By Window Type.

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Is this still under consideration? I often type into an application that I haven’t set up rules for and Listary pops up when not wanted. I would really prefer find as you type to be off by default, then if I want Listary I’ll press the hotkey for it.

Yes, this feature is still on the plan.

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Yes, I am looking for a way to globally turn this off as well! It is very annoying when you try to disable and it still happens for a lot of apps ;(

Any update on this?

An option will be available in the new version. Thanks for your patience.


I’m looking for this option but can’t manage to find it. Any help ?

There is no such option and it will never come.
What is the problem to disable this option in the list of application.
I guess you don’t have so much and it will take a minute to disable the option for all of them.

Yes but all the apps I’m using aren’t in the list. I don’t want it to pop in every app where I’m using Shift + Letter because most of the time it isn’t relevant in the said app.
For instance in the ressources monitor, the task handler or the service window this option is more a nuisance than anything else. Everytime I want to disable it in another app I need to click “Disable listary” when it pops in the app. It doesn’t disable the find as you type feature but the app appears in the app list from the listary settings. Then I can disable the find as you type setting.
It’s cumbersome and I don’t see where this feature is relevant except to recursively look for files in an explorer’s folder. Thus only in explorer.