How do I force folders to show up first in result?

This has been the biggest problem I had since 3 versions prior.
Whenever I try to search for items in Projects, the results always display folders at the bottom or in the middle of the list. It’s not that big a deal until I encounter a search result with a long list of hits. This used to be the case with “List” result also but the new version seem to have fixed it. But in Projects, it still is a bummer.
So how do I force folders to show up first in results? I prefer it that way and the last version that does it that way is v4.01.1296.

Here’s a sample:

Project keyword is port and the result showed me a bunch of files in the result and the folder is at the end of the result. I could just simply push the up button, but in cases where I get many result from multiple sources (i.e., List, Project) the it becomes annoying as the folders with even exact matches get buried in the middle. I would like to emphasize that this no longer happens in current folders, just in Projects.

I’m working on this. Result sorting will be optimized.